Terms and Pricing


$1500 - $2000


$1000 - $1500


$1000 - $1500


$1000 - $1500

Deposits and Payments

The non refundable deposit to hold your pet is $500. All puppies must be paid in full by five weeks old. If you have submitted your deposit on your pick puppy then later wish to change your mind or choose a different puppy from the litter or postpone to the next litter; there is an additional fee of $250 that will be added to the listed price of the new selected puppy. No exceptions allowed.

Deposits can be submitted two ways.

First: Following the birth of a litter. Once puppy pictures are posted you can make your selection and submit your deposit.

Second: Prior to the birth of a litter, you then will be added to the deposit list in the order that you submitted your deposit. You will be asked markings and the sex you are wanting. You will stay on the list for up to one year. During the year if we do not produce the color and sex you are asking for; we will return your deposit. Or, we will allow you to continue to roll it over to the next litter.

If you submit a deposit prior to birth of a litter and you are pick 3, Example: As people choose their puppies you move up on the list. If the color/sex you requested are all taken by pick 1 and Pick 2: Now, you have moved up and placed in the pick 1 spot for the next litter. Picks must me made the day the pictures are uploaded to the website in the order you are listed. You can wait as long as you wish prior to making your selection. However, puppies will not be held if you do not make your selection the day the pictures are posted, once you have been notified of the updated website.
We do not guarantee specific color patterns. or markings. If you are looking for a harlequin female for example and we produce a harlequin female she is yours, if you pass you do not lose your deposit you just stay on the list for another year at which point if you have not chosen from any of the available puppies of your desired request you forfeit your deposit.

You do not have to choose the color or sex you requested when you submitted your deposit: Once you have a spot on the early deposit list and your number is up you can pick from any available puppy, as we understand things change from time to time…

All deposit will be done by bank money transfer.


All of our puppies are placed/sold as pets; with Full AKC registration upon request: We do not regulate or promote ear cropping, re homing, showing, or breeding any puppy placed/ sold. We allow owners to be responsible with the care and treatment of their new baby. We understand that some buyers are looking to breed or show their puppy. Again, we do not promote or suggest breeding and showing, since we place/ sell our puppies as pets. However, we allow new owners free choice of responsible care, treatment, breeding and showing of their puppy. Our objective is to continue to do our best to improve the breed and provide European Danes to happy and loving pet first homes. AKC (American Kennel Club) Full Registration again at request: This includes but not limited to ALL PUPPIES placed/sold. AKC Registration of puppies from import parents will take place once both parents have been AKC registered and DNA tested as per AKC regulation, at which point will litter papers be released to new owners. Our Danes will be registered to the new owners via online registration, paper form or direct new owner name and registered as (EuroDanes Puppy Name).


Our Great Danes are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to delivery and are deemed in good condition, health, sound temperament, and free of communicable diseases at the time of sale. Buyer has 3 days from the purchase and/or delivery date to have the Great Dane examined by a Licensed Veterinarian (Buyer will pay all veterinarian fees). A copy of the veterinarian report must be scanned and emailed to info@eurodanes.com within three days of the veterinary visit. If the Great Dane is deemed to have a life threatening congenital illness, the Buyer, with Veterinarian Certified documentation of the condition, may return the Great Dane to the Seller for a full refund of the price of the Great Dane (not including fees, veterinary bills, transportation costs, ect.) or for a replacement Great Dane of equal value. Failure to have the Great Dane examined within the above time limit and/or a copy of the veterinarian report sent to Euro Danes within the above time frame will nullify our health warranty. European lineage and stress (i.e. from shipment) may result in Haw Eye, Entropion, Cherry eye, or Third Eyelid Inversion which will be covered by our Warranty or our Guarantee, if diagnosed within the 3 day termed mentioned above following the same rules as per mentioned. At a cost not to exceed up to and not to exceed $250.00,us. The amount will be decided by the seller.


Length of life, height, weight, HOD, eye color, nose color, weakness of the 3rd eyelid, umbilical cord hernia, allergies, mange, loose poop.

We can try to do our best but bad things can always happen when it comes to health issues. We take full responsibility for our dogs up to 1 year of age from date of birth.


Shipping will include Airfare, travel certificate, vaccines, dishes, food, water bottle (airline permitting), and absorbent bedding. Travel create/kennel not included. At especially hot times in the year most airlines refuse to ship animal cargo. They will also refuse to ship puppies on non pet friendly flights, as they should. It can cost an additional $350-$500 for me to ship your puppy within the United States. Therefore, depending on the time of year and availability of pet friendly flights. All pets are shipped in cargo which is under the plane and is pressure and temperature controlled and certified the same as the passengers above. Pet friendly flight are not available for all flight days/ times for all destinations over the entire country; which includes major airports. However, puppies can only fly pet friendly fights so we guarantee travel to your destination on pet friendly flights. Your puppy will be shipped accordingly on pet friendly flight. Puppy shipping will begin at 8 weeks of age and are certified healthy by a veterinarian before arrival to your airport. If in the unlikely and unforeseen chance, a puppy dies during travel; a death certificate or autopsy report from your veterinarian must be received within 24 hours of flight arrival. After receipt of this documentation a replacement puppy of equal value will be sent as soon as possible. The owner is responsible for the shipping costs incurred both ways for receiving/returning puppy or transport a replacement puppy.